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"Following" is Christopher Nolan's first full-length film and because he was such a new and untested director, he had to make it on the cheap...without studio money. As a result, he made it with friends on the weekends and eventually finished and released the movie. It's a bit rough looking (particularly because it was shot in black & white and has 'no-name' actors), it is an interesting story.The film is about a very strange man due to his weird, obsessive hobby. He enjoys following people around town...and does nothing more. He just picks a person and follows them for a while..studying them like some sort of scientist. However, later, he follows the wrong person...a guy who realizes he's being followed and who is also really weird. This 'followee' has a weird obsession of his break into folks homes while they're gone. But it's not about robbery...he might take a small souvenir or make himself a drink...but it's all about the thrill of breaking the law. But there is MUCH more to this followee than you'd think.....and it's for the follower to eventually discover.For the money, this is an awfully good film. Now this does NOT mean I liked watching it, I didn't. But it is well made and interesting...and worth seeing if you are the type to see all of a director's or actor's films and are trying to see the Nolan flicks.

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Yify released her debut EP Vagrant Bird in 2018, followed by the singles Waste and Get Out. She is gearing up to release an EP in 2020, followed by new works. She is a regular performer with Sofar Sounds, Rockwood Music Hall, Museum of Chinese in America, Pianos, Bitter End, Pine Box Rock Shop, and other local NYC venues; she was a showcase performer at the 2019 Mondo Industry Showcase in NYC.

The top BitTorrent search terms of 2013 will not surprise anyone, but the most popular term just might. On Kickass Torrents, YIFY was the most popular BitTorrent search for 2013 followed by "World War Z" and "Iron Man 3."

Last Saturday TF reported on the now-controversial torrent streaming app Popcorn Time, a piece that was followed by dozens of mainstream articles in the week that followed. It quickly became evident that this software had broken new ground with its beauty and simplicity. 041b061a72


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