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[S2E13] The Devil Is Damned

The following day Mary spies on John and Anne in the cemetery as he departs from Salem and after a brief conversation with a startled Anne steals a lock of her hair for reasons unknown. Later that morning, while in the market, she takes control of Mercy as she is paraded around the square by Cotton in search of a witch and has her accuse Giles of witchcraft due to her not wanting John to discover her secrete. That night with Giles locked in the cells she asks Cotton if he has a confession but he informs her that he refuses to speak to anyone but John Alden and that he had sent men out to search for him, clearly perturbed by this tells him to force a confession out of him stating "You've been granted power use it. Press him for an answer. Let the same devil that holds his tongue hold the stones."

[S2E13] The Devil is Damned


The night of the Sabbat Tituba quickly finds Mary and tells her the Sabbat is about to begin. They both return back home and begin the ritual. Once inside Mary lies upon her bed with Tituba sitting beside her, she uses ointment oil and phallic object on her, chanting "One, two, three, and four. Raise the devil to our door. Call the pig, the wolf, the ram. Come to the circle, all who can. Make him walk on floor to roof. Drink to him with horn and hoof. One, two, three and four. The devil is here. Now sleep no more.". The spell links Mary to the other witches but their circle is shortly broken leaving Mary shocked as to how or who caused it. 041b061a72


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