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Bromance (2016) 'LINK'

Gov. Chris Christie's appearances at professional football games to cheer on his beloved Dallas Cowboys have led to questions about why his favorite team isn't a New Jersey local like the Jets, Giants or Eagles. But Christie's bromance with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones raises an even thornier question: When Christie received free owners' box seats for recent Cowboys games, was he complying with New Jersey's tough ethics rules banning gifts and favors to public officials?

Bromance (2016)

It may look like a romance or a girl version of bromance, but it explores a subtle relationship in a love triangle of two girls and one boyOK, two young women and a young man. While both women dated the same cute guy they are more in love with each other. The female stars were awarded the Golden Horse for best female lead performance.

Bromance (2016) is the story of three male friends and one sexy girl in a forest by the ocean. As the boys discover their sexuality and attractions to one another, they have to also navigate keeping their friendships after what transpires there. The Bromance is alive and well in this flick that features so many hunky guys hooking up. Marcos Ribas and Javier De Pietro sleep in a tent shirtless with Marcos in his undies. They kiss, of course, because how could you not? They both look so hot! Marcos and Javier hook up for a passionate sex tryst...before Javier goes off to get it on with a girl, too. Damn, Javi, you are insatiable! These two boys are all over each other. They make out in the woods, they play fight and then make out, they make out all over the place. Marcos does have some alone time to let his mouth rest while he lies naked on a beach towel. We can't quite see his junk, but we definitely spot plenty of pubes! 041b061a72


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