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How To Buy Eiffel Tower Tickets Online

A date on the calendar is hatched when there is no e-ticket available. However some additional availability can show again, especially for the stairs tickets to the second floor which are available online on a D-14 basis.Purchase is always possible at the Tower on the day of your visit for immediate use.

how to buy eiffel tower tickets online

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Certain days (weekends, days during peak season between July and August) are in high demand and we sell out quickly, especially for e-tickets for the top floor, which are the most popular. If you are flexible, select another date that is shown as available. The dates marked in orange indicate that the last tickets are available. Lined out or grayed out dates are no longer available. If there is no more online availability, note that tickets to visit the Eiffel Tower are also sold on site at the ticket offices at the monument.Regardless, we sell our tickets online up to 60 days in advance (for lift tickets) and 14 days in advance (for stairs tickets to second floor). If you can, plan your visit well in advance, so you will have the choice of date, destination and time.

There are some busy periods during the year, when our online time-stamped tickets (mostly elevator tickets to the top floor or to the second floor) get quickly sold out (please note that they are available on a D-60 basis). If there are no more online (elevator) tickets available on the selected date on our online ticket office, you can purchase tickets from the ticket office at the Eiffel tower itself at the individual rate, on the day of your visit, for immediate use (always depending on the attendance).

Or you can try the stairs! Discover the Eiffel Tower in another way and it's not that long or difficult (about 15 to 20 minutes per level). You can always book online, in last minute, some stairs tickets to visit the Eiffel Tower up to the second floor (please note that the stairs access can close at 6pm on certain periods.

Purchasing online tickets is simple and takes just a few minutes. Online ticket reservations open 60 days in advance. You can reserve tickets up until three hours before your visit time, subject to availability, of course. I recommend booking in advance to get your preferred time slot.

Tickets for the elevators / lifts of the Eiffel Tower in Paris may be bought in advance and online. The prices are the same as buying the tickets at the tower itself but of course, ensure admission without long queues.

For the cheapest elevator tickets buy online from Eiffel Tower. The process is fairly simple and prices are the same as for tickets bought in Paris. Tickets may be printed at home, loaded onto smartphones, or mailed (for a charge). The ticket, and not only the reservation number, must be presented at the tower entrance within the stated time window.

The main disadvantage of buying tickets online is that the purchase is final. If traveling plans change or the weather is bad, there will be no refunds or changes allowed. However, the advance purchase tickets remain the most sensible option to avoid wasting time queuing.

Trainline and Omio also sell cross-border journeys and tickets for many other European countries. Mobile and print-at-home tickets are generally the best options, collecting tickets at the station is time-consuming. Tickets for short journeys and trains in urban areas (RER & Metro) are usually not sold online and installing apps for short visits is often more hassle than it is worth.

The only scenario in which lining up in person for tickets is a good idea is when online tickets are sold out, as there is always a small reserve of tickets at the on-site ticket office that you can purchase for immediate entry. If you do need to buy tickets in person, aim to get there first thing in the morning just before the tower opens to minimize how long you need to wait.

Note: For the Louvre, we only sell adult tickets (+18 years for non-EU and + 26 years from EU). We do not sell free tickets. If visitors are eligible for it, they will have to reserve a ticket online through the official Louvre website owing to the new COVID-19 rules and regulations. The link will be sent in the confirmation email.

These Eiffel tickets also offer skip-the-line entry, making your experience a hassle-free one. Many combo tours include a guided visit to the tower. If not, you can take advantage of the audio guides available at these attractions to ensure that you have a fruitful visit.

The best way to get hold of your Eiffel Tower tickets is to buy them online. You will be able to get amazing deals and make advanced bookings. And, it also gives you a safe and limited contact experience with many additional benefits.

There are a number of things you could do to skip the long lines at Eiffel Tower such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or visiting the tower during early hours on a weekday. However, one of the most foolproof ways to ensure you can avoid the long lines is by purchasing skip-the-line Eiffel Tower tickets. With these, you get priority access to the second floor and can additionally opt for an upgrade to the Summit as well. you get an informative tour guide along, priority access by elevator to the second floor, and more.

A. No. Your destination is determined by the ticket you decide to purchase. You will not be able to go to the top of the tower if you have purchased a ticket to the 2nd level. You can upgrade your tickets to include summit access.

If you are looking for last minute tickets to enter the Eiffel Tower, either for the same day or for a future date, you should check all the online websites selling tickets for the Eiffel Tower. Luckily, TourScanner can help you in this research, scanning hundreds of website. If the tickets are sold out, you might buy a guided tour. Some are quite cheap, starting from 29$.

At any given time, there are always huge lines at the Eiffel Tower. If you want to avoid the wait, you should buy tickets online in advance. You can do this at the official site or choose options below.

Do you travel a lot? Go to, an online travel guide of world cities. Where you should stay, how to choose a hotel, how to get to the city from the airport, using the metro and public transport, the tourist sights, getting into museums without lines, tickets, tours, audio guides and many more interesting things that are worth learning about before your trip! Travel with us.!

Keep in mind that tickets purchased online must be printed before your arrival on standard white A4 paper, or presented on a mobile phone with a legible bar code (make sure your phone supports this function).

The tickets for the stairs do not normally sell out in advance as these are not as limited as elevator tickets. But if they are sold out online, your options for Eiffel Tower stair access tickets are:

Perimeter Security Line: It is advised to allow 30 minutes to go through the perimeter security, more at peak times. There is no way to skip the security line and even if you are not planning to visit the tower, you still need to go through security to walk underneath the tower. Those with pre-booked tickets and restaurant reservations may be able to join a priority fast-track lane.

Stairs Ticket Queue: The line is normally fairly short to purchase stairs tickets as more people take the elevator; however, in the busy summer months this line can be over 1 hour long. You can avoid this line by pre-purchasing your stairs access ticket online. However, this is the only way to currently purchase a Stairs + Lift to Summit ticket.

However, patrons who buy their tickets ahead of time online can save time with fast-track security checks for the elevators. The electronic timed tickets purchased online in advance save you time with fast-track security checks and no need to queue at the Eiffel Tower ticket offices.

The first option is to buy Eiffel Tower tickets online in advance. These advance tickets are often called eTickets, priority tickets or skip the line tickets. Advance tickets for the Eiffel Tower are limited and sell out very quickly, especially tickets for the summit.

You can also buy tickets for the Eiffel Tower on the day of your visit from the ticket offices located at the base of the tower. Same-day tickets are for immediate entry and will not have a return time. There are two ticket office locations, one near each of the two entrances.

Get your entrance to visit the Eiffel Tower online: book your tickets right now! Paris City Vision offers priority access tickets that get you to the first and/or second floor of the Eiffel Tower without standing in line! Follow the guide through this landmark until you reach a sweeping view of the capital and its most beautiful monuments. A 360 view of the city lit up at night, panoramic shots, all of that is yours without having to withstand the long wait in line or shorten your day to squeeze in a visit.

That is why our service is made for you! By booking your Eiffel Tower tickets online in advance, you will ensure your access to the Iron Lady during your stay and you will skip the line to make the most out of your day in Paris without having to stay in line for hours. After your Eiffel Tower guided tour or classic visit, you will have time to enjoy the rest of the city, so do not hesitate to book another guided tour in another place of interest.

Tourists rush to visit this iconic tourist destination throughout the year. Order your Eiffel Tower tickets online: with an Eiffel Tower Skip-the-Line ticket, you can add precious time to your tower experience.

The top of the Eiffel Tower is the most popular part of the tower. The top of the building also has limited capacity. If you want to go all the way up the Eiffel Tower, you need to buy a ticket in advance and online.

If ascending the Eiffel Tower is part of your perfect Paris vacation, planning ahead is key. We strongly recommend buying Eiffel Tower tickets online in advance, as they can book up several weeks, if not months, in advance. These timed-entry tickets allow you to skip the lines. 041b061a72


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