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The Division 720p

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At the other end of the spectrum, AMD's R5 2400G with Vega 11 Graphics struggles with 1080p medium, but dropping to 720p low makes the game very playable. Intel's UHD Graphics 630 meanwhile barely suffices with 32fps average at 720p low, and you need to run it in DX11 mode as I experienced a crash to desktop before even reaching the main menu in DX12 mode.

A 1280800 will display the same quality of pictures as a 720p but with just a little black line above and below the display. A big advantage is that it has extra pixels if there is a need for image vertical stretch.

The EOS Rebel T3 is a budget DSLR from Canon that offers a 720p HD video record mode. The camera certainly doesn't have the same video features or performance as Canon's more-expensive Rebel T3i, but the quality of its video mode wasn't bad for a camera with a sub-$600 price tag (including kit lens).

The gaming benchmarks were performed at two resolutions this time. 720p is to ensure CPU limitation and 1080p was covered because 720p alone causes discomfort for many readers due to its practical relevance. Until graphics cards are really fast enough for 1080p as the only resolution the combination of 720p and 1080p will be standard here on in the future. RAM OC results are also listed in each case, but DDR4-3200 is set as the baseline and will be the reference later in the overall ranking. If videos are missing from the Youtube playlist, they will be added later.

The overall ranking is based once on the average FPS and additionally on the 1% percentile of the 720p benchmarks. It is important to note that the 12900K with DDR4 without OC is the baseline and therefore defines the relative positioning of all other results.

The gaming IPC was determined via a subset of the benchmark suite. The core clock was fixed at 4GHz. The cores were configured so that the Intel CPU had 8 cores and 16 threads enabled. The average FPS were used to calculate the IPC. The benchmarks has been done at 720p.

An efficiency ranking can be created with the consumption values (package power) and the average frame rates of the 720p tests. The quotients are first normalized and then averaged. The approach results in a relative representation of the efficiency values.

We tested all the games at 1080p ultra and then 720p medium to avoid any GPU bottlenecks that may otherwise affect the results. In Ashes of the Singularity at 1080, both the CPUs produced nearly identical averages and mildly different lows. This is despite the fact that this is easily one of the most CPU-intensive games on the market.

Strangely, the Ryzen 5 5600X outperformed the 3700X as well as the 5900X with respect to the averages at 720p. In terms of the lows, the hex-core 5600X was once again faster than the older octa-core Ryzen part.

At 720p, although the GPU bottlenecks are removed and the 5900X rushes past the 5600X to an impressive 124 FPS (average) and 62 FPS (0.1 percentile FPS), the overall CPU usage remains rather poor, with the latter averaging just around 25% and the former staying just under 60%.

In The Division 2, the Ryzen 7 3700X barely outpaces the 3600X at 720p but falls behind at 1080p when it comes to the averages. The Ryzen 5 5600X is much faster than every other CPU tested, especially at lower resolutions.

Of course you'll need a TV or monitor that supports up to 120Hz over HDMI to take advantage of the mode. High Refresh Rate only works in 1080p and 1440p resolutions and the console's display settings will automatically down to 60Hz when set to 4K or 720p resolution (whereas The Division 2 hits scaled 30FPS in 4K by default).

The 6-inch handset features a 720p screen that when held about a foot from your face, LG claims, will recreate the viewing experience of one of their 55-inch TVs. LG also developed a proprietary curved battery to fit into the phone that has been designed to more comfortably fit in its user's pockets when walking, hands when typing, and face when talking. And, according to Dr. Ramchan Woo, head of the mobile product planning division at LG, the curved phone will be able to withstand about 88 pounds of downward pressure before it breaks. Plus, just like the T-1000 (well, maybe kind of like it), the G Flex features a self-healing composition that will keep it free of annoying scratches.

The camera module delivers 30 frames per second (fps) at 720p resolution andits features include movie stabilisation, face detection, autofocus and motionautofocus. The MCB1172-P also comes with a high-sensitivity mode and a smoothslow movie function, delivering 120 fps, idea for security applications.

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