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Best Place To Buy Kitchen Cabinets

We installed ikea cabinets in 2009. 11 years later, they are definitely showing their age. The insides are fine, the hinges are fine, the wear is just very evident on the doors and drawer fronts themselves. We will probably eventually just replace the fronts. They have not held up to normal use.

best place to buy kitchen cabinets

If installing upper cabinets, make sure to include under cabinet lighting. We did, and I thought it was a luxury but turns out it is a necessity. Ikea upper cabinets are 15 inches deep and cast a big shadow if the under cabinet lights are not on. We are very pleased so far with our Ikea kitchen.

I had IKEA upper cabinets put into my kitchen 12 years ago and I am 100% satisfied. No problems whatsoever. Although my contractor did tell me at the time that the labor cost would be higher. I was able to figure out how to fit them exactly to match the existing lower cabinets and keep all appliances in place. If I want to change it up, I may change out the doors in the future, but I will probably keep them as is.

I have been buying and installing Ikea cabinets for 20 years in over 25 kitchens and bathrooms. The product has mostly stood the test of time in my rentals. Some finished are better than others. The gloss finished crazed over time and the product was changed so no replacement was available through Ikea.This year, after seeing the elevated prices and considering the extent of the assembly, I tried something else. What a great decision! I purchased Hampton Bay Cambridge white Shaker from Home Depot. This cabinet is fully assembled, all plywood construction and installs in a fraction of the time with little effort. Many sizes are off the shelf and many others quickly available from their catalog. My last kitchen cost $2500 for the cabinetry and $1500 for the stock granite countertops from a small shop. A one day install of white subway tile and it looks wonderful.

There are many places to order kitchen cabinets online, you just have to research which is the most reliable. Buying kitchen cabinets online is a relatively simple process and eliminates inconveniences such as visits to local kitchen dealerships or big box stores.

RTA cabinets are the best option for reliable, easy to assemble cabinetry that won't break your bank. Considering you don't have to hire someone to install them, you could save $150-$380 per linear foot for total installation.

Sometimes simple, inexpensive changes like cabinet updates can make a major difference in your ki..."},"value":"Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions Size Guide","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/kitchen-cabinet-dimensions-size-guide\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/k\/i\/kitchen-cabinets-dimensions.jpg","desc":"So, you\u2019ve decided to remodel your kitchen using RTA kitchen cabinets? Congrats! Now is the perfe...","value":"Using Cabinets to Determine Your Kitchen Backsplash","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/cabinets-for-kitchen-backsplash-ideas\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/d\/e\/determine-kitchen-backsplash.jpg","desc":"Most homeowners match their kitchen backsplash with their floors or countertops. But have you eve...","value":"6 Design Must-Haves for an Industrial Style Kitchen","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/industrial-style-kitchen-ideas\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/i\/n\/industrial-style-kitchen.jpg","desc":"Industrial kitchens are popular for their open space layouts and high level of functionality. The...","value":"3 Tips to Achieve Timeless Kitchen Cabinets","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/timeless-kitchen-cabinets\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/a\/c\/achieve-timeless-kitchen.jpg","desc":"Kitchen renovations are exciting, but will your cabinets go out of style 10 years down the road? Kee...","value":"How to Measure for Kitchen Cabinets","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/how-to-measure-kitchen-cabinets\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/m\/e\/measure-kitchen-cabinets.jpg","desc":"Before you bring home your new kitchen cabinets, you need to make sure you've found the right fit \u2014 ...","value":"What Wood Kitchen Cabinet Colors Say About You","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/what-kitchen-cabinets-say-about-you\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/c\/a\/cabinets-say-about-you.jpg","desc":"Wondering why you\u2019re drawn to certain wood kitchen cabinets? 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You want high-quality mat...","value":"Tuscan vs. Mediterranean Kitchen Design Elements","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/tuscan-vs-mediterranean-kitchen-design\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/t\/u\/tuscan-vs-mediterranean.jpg","desc":"Creating a Mediterranean or Tuscan style kitchen is a great way to capture the spirit of Italy in...","value":"Popular Kitchen Cabinet Stains for Kitchens of All Kinds","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/popular-kitchen-cabinet-stains\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/p\/o\/popular-cabinet-stains.jpg","desc":"If you\u2019re on a budget, have a high-traffic kitchen, or just love the rustic look of natural wood,...","value":"What to Put on Top of Your Kitchen Cabinets","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/what-to-put-above-kitchen-cabinets\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/o\/n\/ontop-kitchen-cabinets.jpg","desc":"Kitchen cabinet decorating can be tough when your cabinets don\u2019t reach the ceiling. It\u2019s an awkwa...","value":"What Are Shaker Kitchen Cabinets, And Why Are They So Popular?","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/why-are-shaker-cabinets-popular\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/s\/h\/shaker-cabinets-popular.jpg","desc":"Wood shaker kitchen cabinets are one of the oldest and most popular cabinet styles. Today we\u2019re d...","value":"Designing a French Country Kitchen","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/french-country-kitchen-design-ideas\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/f\/r\/french-country-kitchen.jpg","desc":"If you love the look of earthy tones, crown molding and natural materials like brick and stone, t...","value":"Which Cabinet Details Matter?","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/which-cabinet-details-matter\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/d\/e\/details-really-matter.jpg","desc":"Between all the sales ja...","value":"Tricks To Declutter Kitchen Countertops","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/more-counter-space-by-decluttering-kitchen-countertops\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/e\/x\/extra-counter-space.jpg","desc":"From stray keys to kitch...","value":"Kitchen Design Choices To Boost Your Home Improvement ROI","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/home-improvement-roi-kitchen-remodel\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/b\/e\/best-roi-buck.jpg","desc":"Home improvement is a big investment, but if you approach it strategically, especially in the kit...","value":"5 Signs You're Overdue For Kitchen Updates","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/signs-you-need-kitchen-updates\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/c\/h\/choose-kitchen-updates.jpg","desc":"Every kitchen was probably trendy at some point or other, but certain kitchen features just don't...","value":"What To Do With Old Kitchen Cabinets: 4 Options","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/what-to-do-with-old-kitchen-cabinets\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/m\/a\/make-room-new.jpg","desc":"Figuring out the best way to make use or get rid of your old kitchen cabinets can be a challenge....","value":"7 Clever Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/kitchen-cabinet-organization-ideas\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/a\/c\/achieve-organizational-bliss.jpg","desc":"Many kitchen items are either awkwardly shaped or easy to knock over, making tidy storage a chall...","value":"What Are Glazed Cabinets?","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/glazed-cabinets-explained\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/h\/i\/high-impact-style.jpg","desc":"Glazing is for more than just donuts! Learn more about cabinet glazing, a unique finish option th...","value":"2019 Kitchen Cabinet Trends","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/kitchen-cabinet-trends-2019\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/2\/0\/2019-cabinet-trends.jpg","desc":"If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest kitchen cabinet trends and incorporate those element...","value":"5 Ways To Increase Your Kitchen Storage Space Without Expanding Your Whole Kitchen","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/how-to-increase-kitchen-storage\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/i\/n\/increase-kitchen-storage.jpg","desc":"During any home remodel,...",{"value":"6 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid","url":"https:\/\/\/cabinet-articles\/kitchen-design-mistakes-to-avoid\/","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/mageplaza\/blog\/post\/resize\/100x\/6\/-\/6-mistakesavoid-kitchen.jpg","desc":"Kitchen design mistakes 041b061a72


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