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[S3E6] White Fashion

Unfortunately, this week on "Atlanta" we are not provided with any sort of resolution or follow-up concerning the events of the previous episode, "Cancer Attack." There's no more Socks, and no more mention of Al's missing phone. It's a weird narrative choice, and I'm normally all for weird, but I imagine this will leave more than a few fans of the series feeling justifiably frustrated. Instead, episode 6 of "Atlanta" season 3, entitled "White Fashion," leaps a few weeks into the future and focuses on the topics of performative activism and selling out. In true "Atlanta" fashion, the episode is filled with referential humor and heavily influenced by real-world events.

[S3E6] White Fashion

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In London, a French fashion house named Esco Esco is enbroiled in a controversy after selling clothes that incorporate streetwear, being deemed a race-related issue after selling a sweatshirt that reads "Central Park 5". In order to get a more positive outlook for the company, the fashion house contact Alfred and Earn to come and visit them.

The company wants to use Alfred to "properly apologize" to the community by making him part of their diversity advisory committee, but Alfred won't receive money; instead, his participation will result in a charity donation to any founding. Alfred accepts but pressures the designers to grant him free clothing for three years. Earn feels uneasy about the offer, deeming it an "Uncle Tom photo op" but Alfred is happy to receive free expensive clothing. Meanwhile, Darius is approached by Sharon, the head of hospitality, who is curious about his request to order jollof rice, a meal that no one at the fashion house seems to know. She offers to get the meal and he agrees to take her to the restaurant.

At a press event before announcing the committee, Alfred meets one of the members, a writer/activist named Khalil. Alfred finds himself uncomfortable when Khalil mentions that they are "apologizing for white people" and will deflect any racism issue. At the press event, Alfred is questioned if racism will be over. When Alfred states that it won't, Khalil steps in to explain that racism "will be done by 2024", earning applause. Meanwhile, Darius and Sharon have arrived at the restaurant, Eko Chops, which specializes in Nigerian food. Sharon is fascinated by the meals, although she is frustrated by the poor Internet service. Later, Darius sees that Sharon quit her job and bought the restaurant so she could now serve a food truck outside, disillusioning him.

At a committee meeting, Alfred struggles in suggesting ideas but is perplexed when the rest of the members just promote their own brands and engage into self-dealing with their products. Alfred then questions the members' own race as to how they are so ignorant of helping their community. Meanwhile, Earn runs into Van, which is their first encounter in some time. Earn confronts her about her absence, when a white woman approaches Van, accusing her of stealing a wig from a nearby store. Earn defends Van just as security guards escort the woman out of the hotel. Earn then lashes out at the hotel's poor service and they are granted a free night at a room, despite Earn not originally planning to stay there.

Sister singers and actresses Chloe Bailey and Halle Bailey joined regular judges Heidi, Jeremy, and Nicole Richie first to judge the looks on the runway, and then in their social media videos. I think they should have flipped it to really emphasize the social media element of the assignment. I wonder if the fashion show would play differently if the judges got their first impressions from the TikToks.

Oops! The window valance has white fringe on it when seen from the outside, but no fringe when viewed from inside the apartment. The sheers that are normally over the living room window have been removed for this episode leaving only the drapes. 041b061a72


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