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[S3E21] The Kitty EXCLUSIVE

(Bunnyx takes the bowl off Ladybug's head.)Ladybug: What happened here?Bunnyx: The less you know about the future, the better. Just do your thing: capture the Akuma and restore order. Then, the train will be back on track.(Cut to the Moon, looking different and the Eiffel Tower which collapsed. Bunnyx is about to return to her burrow.)Ladybug: You're not staying?Bunnyx: Let's say I gotta stand ready to jump back into time and try something else, in case you fail. Mwah! (returns to her burrow)(Once she's gone, there is future Cat Noir singing to himself from distance. Cat Noir has been akumatized into Cat Blanc, completely white and with blue eyes)Cat Blanc: (singing from a distance) Little kitty on a roof...Ladybug: Cat... Noir?Cat Blanc: (singing from a distance) ...all alone without his lady.Ladybug: Cat Noir.Cat Blanc: (turns around) M'lady? I thought I'd lost you! (jumps down) Oh, I was feline so sad that you were gone!Ladybug: (backs away as Cat Blanc steps closer) What's happened to you? No, don't tell me. We're gonna fix everything!Cat Blanc: Of course we're gonna fix everything! (crawls around Ladybug like a cat) Now that you're back and now that you're going to... (stands up and tries to grab her earrings) GIVE ME YOUR MIRACULOUS!Ladybug: (kicks him away) My Miraculous? What's wrong with you, Cat Noir?Cat Blanc: Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, m'lady. Could you please hand me your Miraculous, please? Cat Blanc has... gotten into some mischief.Ladybug: You've been akumatized, Cat Noir. (walks toward Cat Blanc) You don't need my Miraculous, you need me to de-evilise you. Let me help you. (wipes away Cat Blanc's tear)Cat Blanc: (whispers, heartbroken) Save me...Ladybug: (sympathetically) My poor kitty... tell me, (holds Cat Blanc's bell) do you remember where the Akuma went? (Ladybug looks at his belt, then continues to look for one object and Cat Noir holds up his hand)Cat Blanc: (grabs her hand and puts it on his chest) Here! But it's already broken! (tries grabbing Ladybug's earrings)(Ladybug makes Cat Blanc fall. She crawls away and jumps off a building, with Cat Blanc following after her.)Cat Blanc: NOW YOU'RE BREAKING MORE THAN MY HEART, MARINETTE!!!Ladybug: (shocked by hearing what Cat Blanc said) What?! (lands and inches away from Cat Blanc) What did you say?Cat Blanc: Give me a hug... MARINETTE!!!! Ladybug: You're wrong! I'm not Marinette! (seen from burrow) It's impossible, I never told you anything!'(Bunnyx rewinds)

[S3E21] The Kitty



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